Monday, May 7, 2012

a new step

Well, today was a step in the right direction. School went ok. My biology teacher was a little irritated that I missed her class again, but after all the crap on Thursday with the bomb threat and me having the flu and all, I needed Friday to myself. She says I miss too much school, and she is right, but I don't want her to chastise me for it. I had to be picked up early to go to my appointment at 2:30. We didn't get in right away but once we did it was right down to business. We talked for a little bit to a nice woman who apparently gives most of the prescriptions out, and she decided Prozac would probably be best for me. My mom was worried about the side effects involving increased risk of suicide and whatnot, but honestly, me being unmedicated is probably a higher risk for that. I got the prescription sent over and my mom just got home with it. It's a low dose, but the dr said she can always raise it if we need to. I am excited to be happy again, after a few years of suffering all the time. Hell, at $4 a prescription, if Prozac is the magic that will help me get better, I don't even care. It's worth five times that. It's worth ten times that. Yeah, after this month I might have to have my prescription raised but I just don't care. It will help me be happy and that is all I want. My parents have finally accepted that I'm not going to get better on my own, and I love it. Sure, I still feel overwhelmingly sad and anxious.

But now I have help.

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