Saturday, May 12, 2012

Prom 2012

Last night was my second prom with Chris. I had an amazing time. I started getting ready at one and was ready by four. The hair in the pictures is actually fake, believe it or not. My hair wasn't long enough to really do anything with so I had clip in extensions put in. I did my hair myself, and the pic doesn't really do it justice, but it looked amazing! At 5pm Chris and his mom came to my house for pictures. After that, we drove to my friend Jeremy's house to pick up Mel and him. Then we were off to the banquet hall where prom was being held. We got there and we could see a whole bunch of our friends and teachers :) We went in and checked in, and found our table. For dinner there was baked pineapple ham, chicken breast, amazing potatoes, the best corn in the world, the freshest green beans EVER, baked pasta, all sorts of drinks, and every single dessert in the world. OH and a huge salad bar with the best of everything on it, fresh rolls, etc. Fruit trees, pretzels, peanuts, crackers and spread, punch, everything you could ever want at a 
party. Dinner started at 6:30 and by 7:30 the snack tables were pushed away and the dance floor was ready! Everyone had a great time just being themselves and messing around until 10. I danced almost the whole time, and man can I feel it! I am so tired today. I can't imagine what it would have been like if I had gone to an afterparty. When we left, we took home Jeremy and Mel and then Chris dropped me off. I was so tired I showered and went straight to bed! I smelled like sweat, flowers, and hairspray. I woke up this morning and was sad that I have to wait a whole year until I can go again. It was so nice to see all my friends looking amazing, and to dance with them like it didn't even matter how stupid we look. I think Prom is something everyone should experience, it's such a special time, even if your date is just a friend. A whole bunch of couples had a really nice time when the slow songs came on. It's always nice to see people so happy. The memories I make at days like yesterday will last me a lifetime. The laughter, the outfits, the flowers. Everything was just great. It couldn't have gone better, never in a million years.

Sometimes taking it one day at a time rewards you <3

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