Saturday, May 26, 2012

A dark spot

I have felt ok the last week, but still not "good". My anxiety is high right now. Yesterday was my orchestra's spring trip. We went to Baltimore! We left the school at 6AM and in two and a half hours we were there. On the way we had donuts and bagels. I'd never eaten so many at once! Everyone pigged out.  The first thing we did in Baltimore was a masterclass with a really attractive guy from the Baltimore Symphony. At around 11:30 we boarded the Spirit of Baltimore for a lunchtime cruise. It was so much fun! There was a buffet and we all ate ridiculous amounts of food. We were on the cruise until 2pm, at which point we went through the Baltimore Aquarium. It was nice, but I personally like zoos better. After that, we went to a cool candy store and browsed. We had dinner at Uno Chicago Grill, which was amazing! We had something set up where they put a big plate of salad, sliders, chicken tenders, pasta, and fries on each table and refilled them when we wanted more. Everything was prepaid so it was nice not having to carry money around. They gave us each a chocolate chip cookie for dessert, which was nice. Everyone at this point was sooooo full. We went to the Baltimore Symphony concert next. They played the entire Beethoven Nine symphony, and some other stuff. We didn't get out of the concert hall until 10pm, and the bus was lost or something so we didn't leave until 11. I got home at 1am, showered, and SLEPT. Woke up at 11AM today. 

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